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Hi, I'm Julian Campbell, Managing Director and founder of Catalyst for Growth Pty Ltd.
My team and I are passionate about helping people like you develop the skills necessary for growth in this ever changing world.

Three Big Challenges Leaders Face

Today many senior managers say that there are four big challenges they face:

  1. Communicating with and understanding the X and Y generations.
  2. Coping with cultures.
  3. Handling change effectively.
  4. Being innovative.

I believe that managers have always had a similar challenge and it is important to really learn the skills and read the signs to be successful.

Practical Wisdom

With our practical hands-on experience operating businesses as senior executives, business owners, mentors and consultants across dozens of industries we are in a unique possition to transforming your life and business through our creative vision, innovative focus and bottom line realism.  

I believe that leaders should be able to exhibit the following important leadership qualities:

Lead by Example
Engage in Team Nurturing
Able to Understand Others Develop a Vision and Goals
Develop a Vision and Goals
Earn the Respect of Your Team
Radiate Self Confidence Sparkle with Enthusiasm
Sparkle with Enthusiasm
Have Strong Communication Skills
Inspire Your Team to Produce Results
Practice Professionalism at all Times

When you complete any of our valuable leadership training programs, these qualities will become your way of life.

You can find more information about Julian Campbell here and Kimberlie Clare-Campbell here, Percy the Emperor Penguin here and Santa here.

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Are you caught up with daily pressures that you can't seem to find the solutions you so desperately seek. Competition is taking your customers and you are working long, hard and tirelessly for little or no return?

Or do you have a challenging team member that just wont cooperate no matter what you do? Or you know what could be done but you just don't have the time to juggle all those things.

We can help you to overcome all these challenges.

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