Your Difference is the Difference!

By Julian Campbell

dare to be differentIs your business really perceived as different from your competition? Do you stand out from the crowd or do you just blend in with the norm?

Too often in business, people copy what everyone else is doing. Whether it is products, services, the way they advertise or the appearance of their business. Then everyone ends up looking the same and no one stands out.

Do you know how your poor customers feel? Confused. Confused and frustrated. After all, many buying decisions are difficult and they need all the help they can get. That poor customer doesn't know what to buy or who to buy from. The result? Either the customer ends up buying on price or may even decide its all too hard and not buy at all!

Then there are the thousands of businesses with fantastic ideas, products and services which no one ever gets to hear about. These are the best-kept secrets in business. But unfortunately they remain that way and the idea, product and business becomes extinct.

Is your business a best-kept secret?

If your potential customers don't know about what you have to offer, how can they buy? So what is the answer?

You must stand out from the crowd; Dare to be different; Do things that get your business talked about in a positive way - Get noticed.

If you take a look at individuals and businesses that have been or are very successful, you will normally find that what they are actually offering is nothing really different or better than their competitors. In fact in a lot of cases their products or services may be inferior.

What makes them successful?

They have the ability to get noticed, to stand out, to grab the attention of the people that really matter, their customers and potential customers. Whilst this can often be done through clever advertising that makes you stand out, it can also be accomplished through regular publicity in the various forms of media by doing things different that attract interest and therefore coverage.

Creativity and daring to be different are the real keys to success.

Noted for his eccentricity, Dick Smith promoted his electronic business in the seventies by towing a fake iceberg into Sydney Harbour and followed this with several unusual events. They had nothing to do with electronics but these events attracted considerable national and international media coverage. Yes, doing such things does mean we have to step out of our comfort zones and feel a bit uncomfortable at times, but you will reap rewards for such boldness and find the crowd following you.

Take the leap today, dare to be different and watch those sales grow!

Copyright © Julian Campbell 2007

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