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Are YOU caught up in a cycle of challenges and pressures?

Leadership for Growth

Like most business leaders, do you find yourself so caught up with the daily pressure that you can't seem to find those solutions you so desperately seek. Competition is taking your customers and you are working long, hard and tirelessly for little or no return; you sit down at the end of the year and you wonder why there is little profit.

Or do you have a challenging team member that just wont co-operate no matter what you do. Or you know what could be done but you just don't have the time to juggle all those things.

Maybe you are one of the 39% who have built a successful business but now you want to retire and you know that your needs a bit of work to ensure that you get your true value when you sell it. Business Guidance can help you overcome these challenges.

What can a Business Coach do for you?

Any race, whether it be in sport, business or your life, is run under varying conditions, sometimes the going is tough. Sports people just keep breaking those world records and exceeding their personal bests, realising achievements which most say are impossible. A great portion of the success of sporting champions is attributed to their guide, that special person who drives them and mentors them to achieve results by using their full potential. The same principle will work for you in your business to achieve unbelievable results for you.

How Catalyst for Growth will help you achieve.

Our commitment is to make your business, team members and systems work for you. We understand how your business ticks, what you can do to build and grow your business and strengthen your skills to deliver outstanding results. We have creatively designed the Business Coaching Program to steer you and your team to your goals and the success you deserve.

When you are ready to start, one of our experienced professional business coach will chat with you for a few hours about your business, dreams and goals and produce an action plan for your future. This plan will focus your attention on the results you need to achieve in areas such as cash flow, profit, sales, marketing, customer retention, products, operational factors, time management and other key result areas you want to grow or improve.

Your coach will then personally follow your progress monthly with face to face visits (even over the internet), telephone calls and email to ensure you achieve. You can expect to achieve outstanding results as he/she guides you , mentors you, advises you, consoles you, empathizes with you and of course pushes you to unlock your full potential.

Does Coaching Really Work for You?

"Julian has been my business coach for other 7 years now and has continually helped me take my business to the next level. With Julian as a coach and mentor I've been able to substantially grow my business, open up a second office, develop new products and services, and invest in other businesses." Matt Freedman, Redback Solutions Pty Ltd

"We feel our investment with you is worth every cent and probably more (dare I say it!). Your service is superb and it is so good to know there is someone out there to bounce ideas off. As a direct result of working with you we have doubled our turnover in 2 years." Vanessa Blagden, D&V Photography

"My guiding program with Julian Campbell helps me keep my finger on the pulse with marketing strategies for both my company and my franchisees. I would recommend that anybody in business should seek such good marketing advise if they want their business to be successful and prosper." Andrew McGowan, McGoo's Spitroast & Catering Pty Ltd.

"I am one who can personally testify that your methods are valuable, are profitable, and that dreams become a reality. I am now practicing as a lawyer, thanks to stepping up a gear, and having the means to do so, by having to answer to an informed and valuable coach." Phil Tull, Lawyer

"We believe that spending time with people you admire and respect, you learn successful patterns of business behaviour. Julian has really helped us to focus on our goals and assisted us in setting achievable performance targets. With practical, easily digestible advice, and constructive business ideas, he has enabled Balloonaway to realise a significant increase in turnover. Acting as a sounding board for our ideas and with his constructive comments, he gives us a deeper perspective and understanding on our situation." Fiona Glen, Balloonaway.

Your Investment

For an initial investment of from $1195 and from $395 per month for a 12 month period, you can enjoy the benefit of your Business Performance guiding and achieve outstanding results. (These investments exclude GST if applicable and can be claimed by registered businesses)

“It’s like having a CEO in your business for around $20 per day!” Peter Gunnell Lasalign Pty Ltd

Your Personal Guarantee

We are so sure that the 12 month program will increase your income by at least 5 times your investment that if this is not the case we will work with you for FREE until your results are achieved.

For more information about having your own business coach please call Julian on 0414 736 484 or fill in the form below.

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professional speaking

Do you need someone who captures the hearts and minds of your audience or team to produce results? Are you looking for a professional speaker who is prepared to go above and beyond to ensure you have a successful event?

Julian is able to quickly assess your groups dynamics, their needs and wants from the session and ensure that everyone in the group walks away enlightened, motivated and ready to put the ideas they've discovered into practice.

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website design

Do you want to be found easily on the web by your exisiting and potential customers and clients?

At Catalyst for Growth we specialise in helping you create your own websites and e-commerce sites that are easy for your customers to navigate, search engine optimised (SEO) and focused on fulfilling your customers needs.

With our unique understanding of small business your website will be designed so that it looks great it AND works for your business.

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find out more about cashbook catalyst

Cashbook Catalyst is the simple and complete way to keep absolute control of your business finances.

To make it easy we have included many formulas in the spread sheets. All you need to do is add your your invoice figures regularly. Cashbook Catalyst GST will will automatically generate for you:

  • your cash flow
  • profit and loss statement
  • BAS information
  • depreciation
  • breakeven analysis
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Catalyst for Growth Training solutions

Do your team members need to enhance their skills, knowledge and understanding to perform to the best of their ability, and become even more effective?

At Catalyst for Growth we have developed a series of Leadership Training programs for business professionals, managers, supervisors, business owners and team leaders which give your team members the skills, qualities and capabilities to become successful outstanding leaders and produce immediate results for your business.

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Each week Julian looks at business and legal news and views that might affect your business. Listen to interesting tips and stories from successful business people that will motivate you and improve your business.

If you miss the live show you can catch up with podcasts by following this link.

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