The Law of Attraction at Work in Your Business

By Julian Campbell

magnet The Law of Attraction is working in your business whether you realise it or not. There is currently a lot of hype around ‘The Secret’ and many people, particularly business people are skeptical about the ideas and comments presented in the DVD and book. However, the Law of Attraction is a universal law in the same way as the Law of Gravity and many other laws which control our everyday lives. They have been around since time began; this is not new information, successful people have always known the power of the Law of Attraction even if they haven’t realised what it was called. These universal laws, particularly the Law of Attraction have positive or negative effects on your business and life because you attract into your life what you predominantly think about. How?

Firstly, look at the words you are using every day to yourself and others, are they positive or negative? They are the outward reflection of your thinking and feelings. Do you hear yourself saying such things as; “My sales are always down at this time of year”; “I can never get good employees”; “Nobody ever pays me on time”. Now look at your business, the Universe is giving you exactly what you are thinking about and saying; in reality that is what you are asking for. The Universe can not tell the difference between positive and negative thoughts so it acts on what you are thinking, saying and feeling.

A self perpetuating cycle is created when we react to the results we see in our lives without realising that they are the consequence of our subconscious thinking. Our logical conscious minds say “How can I fix this problem?” We then start to focus on the perceived ‘problem’ instead of accepting that the outcome was created by our thoughts. We can break this cycle by focusing in on what could be, creating a vision or goal for future outcomes.

One of my clients has operated a take-away food shop for over sixteen years, he is constantly complaining about the poor quality of his employees. During our regular visits he repeatedly tells me that for sixteen years his employees have always been sub-standard. I noticed that each time he went to hire somebody new he would say “I suppose this will one will be just as bad as the others” and guess what she was! The next time he went to hire someone I suggested he visualise and focus on the type of employee that would be perfect in their business; how would she behave, how would she interact with customers, what sort of attitude would she have, how would she get on with him and the other team members? He focused on this positive image for a few weeks and the ideal employee walked into his shop one day looking for a job. Now, several months later he has a harmonious productive team and the atmosphere in the business is unbelievable.

This client is now applying this positive focus to other areas of his business, principally growth and all sorts of people are suddenly showing up in his life that can help him go to the next level. The important point to understand from the Law of Attraction is that we should not focus our attention on is how the issue will resolve in our business, just what we want to occur, the outcome. The Universe will provide us with the solutions in so many ways, people, books and seminars will show up in our lives, ideas will pop into our heads, chance meetings and events will happen. We have to be observant to these, follow them up and take the necessary action, even if it means breaking many of our comfort zones.

If you are still a little skeptical, I suggest you try experimenting with something small and experience the result. Perhaps focus on changing the attitude of one staff member at first. When you see the results, you can move on to larger areas in your business. However, remember that size is not important to the Universe, that is a restraint that we put on things.

Your challenge now is to focus on what you would like to experience in your business in terms of income, profit, quality of customers, excellence of team members and let go of how it will happen then you will experience unimaginable growth and harmony in your business within only a few weeks.

Copyright © Julian Campbell 2007

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